Lightweight Quad Wheelchair for Small Dogs

for small dogs 4.41-44.09 pounds, back height 4.7-17.3 inches, handicapped pets

$184.00 $328.57
  • Our dog wheelchairs are suitable for dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy, cervical spondylotic myelopathy, unstable or deformed forelimbs or four legs and other neurological diseases.

  • Our dog wheelchairs are designed to help dogs with leg problems walk, run and play freely, helping them get back to normal life. Help your dog regain freedom and enjoy an active lifestyle with our comfortable and supportive wheelchair. rebuild their confidence.

  • Designed with a strong, lightweight frame and all-terrain wheels for smooth and stable movement on a variety of surfaces. Durable, lightweight aluminum is better for dog walking.

  • Ideal for older arthritic dogs and any pet with weak hind and forelimbs, also great for post-op recovery, or as an alternative to surgery.
    Won't interfere with your dog's peeing and pooing.

  • Does not affect your pet pee and poop.


Introducing Lovepluspet - Lightweight Quad Wheelchair for Small Dogs

LOVEPLUSPET Quad Wheelchair for Small Dogs is built to support your dog on 4 legs. Strong enough to support your dog, but agile and easy for them to move, the quad dog wheelchair allows your dog to maintain their balance, walk while fully supported, and get the exercise they need to build strength, increase muscle tone, and maintain an active.


  • Improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life by enabling your pet to stand & walk.
  • Perfect for older arthritic dogs & any pets experiencing both rear and front limb weakness.
  • Excellent for post-surgical rehabilitation, or as an alternative to surgery.
  • Easily adjustable in height, length and width.

Suitable conditions

  • Advanced stages of degenerative myelopathy (DM)
  • Cervical spondymyelopathy (CSM) or wobbler syndrome
  • Multiple injury rehabilitation
  • Unilateral or bilateral forelimb weakness
  • Strokes and other neurological disorders
  • Pets with amputations
  • Instability in the forelimbs or on all four legs
  • Pets with deformity in the forelimbs or on all four legs


  • EVA sushioned tire
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Breathable straps

Free Exchange of Unfit Size after Donation.

Size measurement 

    • Measure the hight of the back, hip before you choose the size number
    • If your measuring size is included into two size option,please select the bigger one
    • Breeds and weight also could be your option to choose size after you measured
    • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.
    • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email:


    • Brand


    • Product No.


    • Name

      Quad Wheelchair for Small Dogs

    • Breed

      Small Dogs

    • Material

      EVA sushioned tire, Lightweight aluminum, Breathable straps

    • Condition

      General difficulty Walking, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Paralysis, IVDD, Neurological Issues, Surgical Recovery Injuries

    • Color

      Blue, Yellow

    15 Reviews
    15 Customer Reviews
    • By J***e on 2023/6/9

      Nice and looked sturdy but had to send mine back my baby girl passed away. Great customer service.
    • By B***W on 2023/6/1

      Great product! fully supports my disabled dog Peanut! Very nice customer service.
    • By B***e on 2022/11/30

      Love it. Worked way better than I thought it might.I am soooo happy with this product! It was easy to assembly and has really helped our dog. 2 thumbs up!
    • By K***r on 2022/10/9

      Sturdy, well built and adjustable.
      I have a dog with degenerative myelopathy, and her hind legs have weakened to the point that she can barely walk. We just got the wheelchair, but I was impressed with its sturdiness and how it can be adjusted easily to the right width, height, and length. My dog is still getting used to it, -- and right now moves when enticed by treats - but she seems to be adapting well and figuring it out. I believe it will give her continued independence in movement as her legs continue to weaken. Without a product like this. I am not sure we had any other alternatives for her.
    • By L***. on 2022/9/27

      Thankful for this product!!
      I have really enjoyed taking walks again with my little buddy Maggie. It took a short time for her to get used to it which seemed to have more to do with me getting things adjusted than her comfort level with it. I think it works really well and has added such quality to her life, as well as joy to my life to know that our walks in the woods are still possible. She has actually trotted a few times which is major for my little 16 year old "granny" dog. I would definitely recommend this product and have been very pleased not only with the product, but with the friendly and helpful customer service.
    • By R***s on 2022/9/12

      Well Worth the Money!!!!!
    • By s***y on 2022/9/11

      Good product! A little costly.
      The wheel cart is well made and would be helpful for the pet that eager to take advantage of the aided support.
    • By C***d on 2022/9/8

      Outdoor independence
      This wheelchair gives my boxer freedom to walk and run outdoors! What a blessing to have been able to find something like this. We can now go on family walks and he feels independent. Very cool contraption!!!
    • By E***z on 2022/9/5

      Well made
      Thankfully, we did not need to use the product as our dog got better, but upon receipt of this item, it was easy to assemble and the seems sturdy. The adjustability of the frame and height to fit the dog is a plus.
    • By A***y on 2022/9/3

      Makes my dog SO happy!

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