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Lightweight Quad Wheelchair for Small Dogs

for small dogs 4.41-44.09 pounds, back height 4.7-17.3 inches, handicapped pets

$230.00 $328.57
Full Support Wheelchair for Small Dogs

for small dogs 8.84-19.84 pounds, back height 6.8-11.7 inches, handicapped pets

$275.00 $392.85

What is a dog wheelchair?

A dog wheelchair is a specialized device designed to provide support for walking, assisting dogs that experience mobility issues due to aging, injury, or disease. Dog wheelchair offers a supportive framework that enables dogs to regain the ability to walk, play, and engage in daily activities.

Can a dog stay in a wheelchair all day?
This often depends on the age and overall stamina of the dog. It's safe to say anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Start out with shorter periods of time as often throughout the day as your schedule permits. PLEASE DO NOT leave your dog in his or her wheelchair unattended for any length of time.

Is a dog wheelchair worth it?
Older dogs who tire easily on long walks or whose joint's ache from arthritis or hip dysplasia can greatly benefit from a wheelchair. The wheelchair supports them from underneath, relieving the stress on their joints which allows your dog to walk with ease!