Full Support Wheelchair for Small Dogs

for small dogs 8.84-19.84 pounds, back height 6.8-11.7 inches, handicapped pets

$275.00 $392.85
  • Mesh fabric undertake some weight while walking.
  • Mesh fabri is breathable and comfortable wearing,
  • Rear long pole could assist dog walking.


Introducing Lovepluspet - Full support wheelchair for small dogs

LOVEPLUSPET Full support wheelchair for small dogs is specially designed for small dogs, mesh fabric around the whole body, taking part of the weight while dog walking. The rear of the wheelchair can be installed with a long pole, which can assist the dog to walk when going out.


  • Your pet should have full front leg strength to use this dog wheelchair.


  • Allows your dog to exercise and complete physical therapy sessions with greater ease
  • Holds the spine in better alignment.
  • Decreases pain and stress on the spine from dragging hind limbs to get around
  • Improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life by enabling your pet to stand & walk.

Suitable conditions

  • General difficulty Walking
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Paralysis
  • IVDD
  • Neurological Issues
  • Surgical Recovery
  • Injuries

Suitable weight

  • 8.8lbs-19.8lbs


  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Iron
  • Thickened foam

Free Exchange of Unfit Size after Donation.

Size measurement 

  • Measure the hight of the back, hip before you choose the size number
  • If your measuring size is included into two size option,please select the bigger one
  • Breeds and weight also could be your option to choose size after you measured
  • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email: service@lovepluspet.com


  • Brand


  • Product No.


  • Name

    Full support wheelchair for small dogs

  • Breed

    Small dogs

  • Material

    Aluminum, Plastic, iron, Thickened foam

  • Condition

    General difficulty Walking, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Paralysis, IVDD, Neurological Issues, Surgical Recovery Injuries

  • Color

    Gray, Brown

13 Reviews
13 Customer Reviews
  • By M***n on 2023/7/3

    Very easy to assemble and adjust size for the perfect fit. One suggestion: wheel locks to make it easier for pets to get in and out of the walking wheels. Very happy, I ordered this wheelchair for my dog to help it travel normally and let my best furry friend have a good life experience.
  • By ***a on 2023/6/26

    Very stable and supportive chair. I see that my dog is comfortable in it. As this was my main concern, I am extremely please with this purchase. I have read quite a few reviews on this chair and Yay, we choose the right one. Our dog is mobile again. Also, I’m goin mg to say that I’m impress with the wheels, they cruise easy over our years and rough driveways.
  • By P***y on 2022/11/28

    Handy Helper.The cart was exactly what is needed for a small dog with disabled hind legs. Totally adjustable!!
  • By L***i on 2022/10/2

    Increased the quaity of my dogs life!!!
    This is a wonderful item!! It has allowed him to go for his walk and has even increased his mobility due to the fact that he can now get some exercise.
  • By D***l on 2022/8/22

    Great cart!
    She understands what this device is for and she gets really excited when I get it out. She knows what it’s for. She has a new lease on life. It is really great to see her this happy again
  • By C***h on 2022/8/15

    So helpful
    Our 11 year old boxer has been having a hard time keeping her hips and legs up, the vet recommended a wheel chair so we thought we would give this one a try. It makes it so much easier for her to walk around the yard. She doesn't use it for long periods of time because she cant lay down or sit while using it but it has made trips to the farm so much easier.
  • By T***y on 2022/8/15

    My dog has DM. It fits well and my dog got used to it right away. She was a little timid at first, but then we coaxed her with treats and the prospect of a few toys she enjoys. She is slowly coming along - her mobility seems good. Would recommend it for anyone looking to prolong a quality of life for a loved family member.
  • By L***r on 2022/8/15

    Quality product for a large dog
    Very difficult to get your pet in it. We have an 85 lb lab with bad arthritis in his hind end. He’s a pretty patient dog in general but not for this. It takes several adjustments but don’t give up for your dog. He did take right off in it! Maybe he was trying to get away from us! 😂
  • By T***y on 2022/8/15

    Old pup has new wheels
    So far we like the product. It was relatively easy to put together. Just took a bit of thinking when putting him in for the 1st time. The frame is lightweight and easy to attach.
    We have only used it a couple of times and are working with my dog to get him comfortable using it. Right now he tends to move backward when left to his own will, but hopefully, we will build his confidence up and he'll be running right alongside his girlfriend.
  • By d***l on 2022/8/14

    Most Affordable on the Market, Durable and Easy to assemble
    Easy to assemble and durable. Best deal on the market.

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