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Lightweight Quad Wheelchair for Small Dogs

for small dogs 4.41-44.09 pounds, back height 4.7-17.3 inches, handicapped pets

$230.00 $328.57
Full Support Wheelchair for Small Dogs

for small dogs 8.84-19.84 pounds, back height 6.8-11.7 inches, handicapped pets

$275.00 $392.85
4 Wheel Big Dog Wheelchair

for large dogs 33.07-66.14 pounds,back height 16.1-26.7 inches,handicapped pets

$450.00 $642.86

Can a dog live a happy life in a wheelchair?
A paralyzed dog can live a long, comfortable, and happy life. Caring for a paralyzed pet can mean a little extra work for their family, but it's worth it! With your love and dog wheelchair most handicapped dogs can live a happy, healthy, and active life.

Do vets recommend full support dog wheelchair?
Many senior dogs and dogs with joint issues show signs of mobility issues later in life. If your pet is showing any changes in mobility or exhibits pain when walking, talk to your vet immediately. Your vet may recommend a four wheel dog wheelchair.
Is a dog wheelchair worth it?
Older dogs who tire easily on long walks or whose joint's ache from arthritis or hip dysplasia can greatly benefit from a wheelchair. The full support wheelchair for dogs  them from underneath, relieving the stress on their joints which allows your dog to walk with ease!