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Small / Medium Dog Hind Leg Wheelchair

for small dogs 6.61-22.12 pounds, back height 3.5-17.7 inches, handicapped pets

$160.00 $228.57
Medium / Large Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

for large dogs 33.07-66.14 pounds,back height 16.1-26.7 inches,handicapped pets

Medium / Large Dog Rear Leg Wheelchair

for large dogs 33.07-132.28 pounds,back height 16.1-23.6 inches,handicapped pets

$235.00 $335.71
Do vets recommend dog wheelchairs?
Yes, your veterinarian may recommend a medium dog wheelchair for small to medium dogs that have mobility issues, disabilities, injuries, or injuries that affect their ability to walk or move comfortably.
Medium sized dog wheelchair can provide support and assistance to these dogs, allowing them to maintain mobility and quality of life. Your veterinarian may recommend a wheelchair as part of a treatment plan or to improve your dog's overall health.

Are dogs in wheelchairs happy?
Many dogs adapt very well to using a wheelchair and can experience significant improvements in their quality of life. Especially medium-sized dogs with limited mobility, they are eager to move freely, but their bodies cannot support their large amount of exercise. They often regain their independence and the ability to move around more freely using the best friend mobility dog wheelchair medium. Dogs in wheelchairs can still enjoy many of their favorite activities, such as playing, exploring, and spending time with their human companions.