Medium / Large Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

for large dogs 33.07-66.14 pounds,back height 16.1-26.7 inches,handicapped pets

  • Used as high quaility lightweight aluminum, let your pets easier to walk
  • EVA sushioned tire is durable and provides smooth and comfortable ride.
  • No need to install, only adjust to your puppy.
  • Belly band specially for spondylitis
  • With foot slings to some severe dogs


Introducing Lovepluspet - Medium / Large Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

Lovepluspet Medium / Large Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs is suitable for your pet is general difficulty walking. Help restore to a normal life.

  • Lightweight aluminum makes it easier for dogs to walk.
  • EVA sushioned tire is durable and provides smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Free installation, only to adjust to your pets. 
  • Special design to hold the body, provide support for walking


  • Your pet should have full front leg strength to use this cart.


  • Enhance your dog's quality of life by enabling them to walk & run.
  • Hold your pet’s back in alignment and prevent any further injury.
  • Slow the progression of virtually all canine spinal diseases & conditions
  • Perfectly balanced to relieve stress on the front legs & spine

Suitable conditions

  • General difficulty Walking
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Paralysis
  • IVDD
  • Neurological Issues
  • Surgical Recovery
  • Injuries


  • EVA sushioned tire
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Breathable straps

Free Exchange of Unfit Size after Donation.

Size measurement 

  • Measure the hight of the back, hip before you choose the size number
  • If your measuring size is included into two size option,please select the bigger one
  • Breeds and weight also could be your option to choose size after you measured
  • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email:


  • Brand


  • Product No.


  • Name

    Medium / Large Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs

  • Breed

    Medium / Large Dogs

  • Material

    EVA sushioned tire, lightweight aluminum, Breathable mesh

  • Condition

    General difficulty Walking, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Paralysis, IVDD, Neurological Issues, Surgical Recovery Injuries

  • Color

    Blue, Yellow

18 Reviews
18 Customer Reviews
  • By M***x on 2023/3/17

    Thank GOD I found this one because I was very undecided on which one to buy, the reviews won me over for sure!. As soon as it arrived, I put it together with the help of my husband. It’s easier with 2 people to handle. My dog was paralyzed from his back legs and we are awaiting a consult with the neurologist for surgery. But this here has made it easier for him to get around he looked so happy and didn’t want to take it off after giving him a break! I love it he loves it, we’re all happy about it!
  • By ***e on 2023/3/1

    Please note you might want to adjust the rig when it is on the dog for comfort. First time I put it on my dog after he spent 4 days at animal hospital, he started using his right leg again. His diagnosis was his spine was inflamed and was he unable to use right leg. He is using it now and I know it will be slow process including my pool rehab but I have faith with this rig.I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it.
  • By C***o on 2023/1/19

    It was easy to set up, easy to get my dog in it, at first she slipped back and I thought it wasn't working, but as soon as she realized she could walk, she headed straight for the door. There are probably sturdier models out there, the wheels get stuck in uneven terrain easily, but overall, it is working great.
  • By S***b on 2022/10/7

    The walking wheels have been wonderful for my dog
    The walking wheels have been wonderful for my dog, Harry. He can now takes walks with his family. He loves to walk up to other dogs and neighbors to greet them!
  • By j***n on 2022/10/7

    Our senior Labrador had two bad hips and one bad knee. But, with generally good health and a strong upper body, the veterinarian said he was a good candidate for a cart. Along with pain medicine, our dog used the cart everyday for seven months until he passed away from an illness unrelated to his disability. The cart allowed him to walk around, smell things, explore, meet other dogs, and do his business – normal doggy activities.
  • By A***a on 2022/10/6

    Worth it!
    I bought this for an aging 75 pound chow mix with a degenerative spine condition... it took him 10 seconds to figure out that he could walk in it. Best money spent-ever! He's a happy guy!
  • By A***y on 2022/9/26

    Thankful for this product!!
    I have really enjoyed taking walks again with my little buddy Maggie. It took a short time for her to get used to it which seemed to have more to do with me getting things adjusted than her comfort level with it. I think it works really well and has added such quality to her life, as well as joy to my life to know that our walks in the woods are still possible. She has actually trotted a few times which is major for my little 16 year old "granny" dog. I would definitely recommend this product and have been very pleased not only with the product, but with the friendly and helpful customer service.
  • By C***i on 2022/9/25

    A true blessing.
    This product is quality made and fully adjustable. More sturdy than others do to two areas of adjustments for the wheels. Excellent support for your pet with physical therapy features. If we're lucky enough not to need it permanently I will donate it to our vet for other families in need of one.
  • By C***p on 2022/9/18

    We love this wheelchair. It has given our sweet little guy a new lease on life. Easy to read instructions. Easy to assemble and adjust to fit. Great value for your money in comparison to other pet wheelchairs.
  • By K***R on 2022/9/18

    Worth every dime!!!
    I absolutely love this. At first I was worried that it wouldn't work as well as I wanted to and with the price being high, I didn't want it to not work well. I decided to take a flyer on this one because I want my pup to be happy again. This product exceeded all my expectations. I could not have been happier.

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