How do Knee Braces Work for Torn CCL in Dogs?

Mar 14, 2023 65 0
How do Knee Braces Work for Torn CCL in Dogs? | Lovepluspet

One of the most common injuries experienced by dogs is an injury to their knee. Out of all the possible knee injuries in dogs, Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) injuries are the most common cause of hind end lameness in canines.

How do Dog Knee Braces work?

Provide Support

Dog ACL knee braces function by supporting the injured limb and reducing tibial thrust, which occurs when the ACL is ruptured. The tibial thrust is the forward motion of the tibia (shin bone) relative to the femur (thighbone). This motion increases the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis and can further injure the joint.

ACL knee braces for dogs promote scar tissue formation, which helps to reduce pain and increase mobility. Scar tissue is a type of connective tissue that forms when the body repairs damaged tissue. It is not as strong as normal tissue, but it can provide support and stability to the affected joint.

Prevent CCL Tear in Dog's Other Knee

Your dog is likely compensate on the other good legs when he is injured. Torn CCL Tear in Dogs can cause muscular atrophy (loss of muscle mass) in the affected leg. An ACL knee brace can support the injured limb while enabling it to support weight, which can help to prevent muscle atrophy and encourage the growth of new muscle mass.

A complete Range of Motion:

Dog ACL knee braces are made to allow for full range of motion, allowing your dog to bend their leg with ease. Your dog can bend, sit, lay down, go for walks, and even swim while wearing the brace because they are also joined.

ACL knee braces for dogs are usually worn for nine months. At the beginning, there is a gradual break-in period to get used to the brace and limited activity to allow the dog to adjust to the brace and the affected leg to heal. After the break-in period, the dog can gradually return to their normal activity level.

In conclusion, ACL knee braces for dogs work by providing support to the affected leg and preventing the tibial thrust that occurs when the ACL is torn. They promote scar tissue formation, help to return muscle mass, and allow for a full range of motion. Worn for nine months, with a gradual break-in period and restricted activity in the beginning, ACL knee braces can help your dog return to their normal activity level, let them move freely and have a happy life.

Dog Torn Acl Brace

  • Powerful hinged does not affect mobility
  • Included Harness
  • Reduced CCL Pains

Hinged Dog Double Leg Brace

  • Double leg brace prevent compensate other legs.
  • Not easy to slip off

Dog Knee Brace For Torn Acl

  • Breathable material for comforatble wearing.
  • Suits for 4 legs.