Dog Torn Acl Brace

CCL Injury,Patella Luxation,Arthritis

$120.00 $159.00
  • LOVEPLUSPET dog torn ACL brace is perfect for ccl tear in dogs, Back leg limping.
  • The special design of the hinge, providing strong support, does not affect the dog's movement.
  • Included the harness, could use with leash.
  • Speed up the rehab process by supporting the knee and allowing for an active recovery.


Introducing Lovepluspet - Dog Torn Acl Brace

The LOVEPLUSPET Dog Torn Acl Brace designed for ACL tear, luxating patella, tendinitis... The rigid metal hinged splint support system which will provide a high level of support to your dog's knee while allowing them to remain mobile. By using the brace, ccl tear in dogs and pain can be reduced because of the distribution of balance between the different muscle groups. This brace could improve your dog's life quality and speed up the muscles healing process.

Suitable conditions

  • ACL tear (anterior or cranial cruciate ligament, CCL) of the knee
  • Luxating Patella
  • Strain or sprain of the knee joint
  • Back leg limping, instability, or fatigue
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cruciate ligament injury
  • Meniscus injury
  • Kneecap problems
  • Tendinitis


  • Neoprene fabric
  • Nylon velcro
  • Movable metal hinged


These Leg braces are designed to be worn during times of activity. They are not intended to be worn at all times or during times of rest. If your dog lies down while wearing the brace, it will likely lose tension and need to be repositioned prior to further use.

Size measurement 

  • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.

Size Measurement Method

  • Please do all measuring while the dog is standing.
  • We recommended using a soft measuring tape. If you don't have one you may use a string and measure it with a ruler later.
  • Check the size chart to see the size corresponding to the size measured.
  • If your dog is in-betwen sizes, we recommend ordering the larger of the two sizes. It's okay if the brace overlaps slightly as long as the metal supports are on either side of the leg.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email:


  • Brand


  • Product No.


  • Name

    Dog Torn Acl Brace

  • Condition

    ACL tear (anterior or cranial cruciate ligament, CCL) of the knee, Strain or sprain of the knee joint, Back leg limping, instability, or fatigue, osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injury, meniscus injury, kneecap problems, luxating patella, tendinitis

  • Breed

    Small,Medium,Large Dogs

  • Material

    Neoprene fabric Nylon velcro Movable metal hinged

  • Body Part

    Back legs

  • Color


  • Clean & Care

    Hand Wash Recommended

49 Reviews
49 Customer Reviews
  • By K***n on 2023/12/1

    This dog knee brace works like magic for my dog. He could barely stand, and after a day of dressing (and lots of rest), he was able to stand again. They appear to be effective in supporting and inhibiting. They were easy to put on and take off so he didn't mind at all. Before buying, I asked the merchant how to choose the size. They always reply quickly and thank you for their help. It gets my dog active again.
  • By J***e on 2023/11/24

    I never write reviews, but I was impressed by how well made it was. The quality and construction of this stand is better than any other stand I've tried. I am 100% confident that if my dog would allow me to put this on her, it would help my dog's knee heal and prevent her from further injury. She is an active dog who jumps, kicks and rolls every time she tries. I think this is the best option for dog knee pads on the market and I recommend you buy it.
  • By M***a on 2023/11/18

    I ordered several different braces to find this to be the best one. It has greatly helped Daisy with her torn ACL. She wears it every day and we have been back to the vet twice so far and her healing is coming along. Daisy doesn’t mind wearing it and it stays on her with no issues. I highly recommend.
  • By K***y on 2023/11/7

    Our 9 year old dog has a torn ACL and we are considering brace options. I looked at many different stands before deciding on this hinge stand. This stand works great for our dogs! She was able to go for walks and run in the yard again. Communication throughout the ordering process was very smooth. Delivery was also relatively quick and it was a smooth and easy process. Now it fits perfectly and should last a long time.
  • By K***n on 2023/11/1

    We purchased a CCL/ACL knee back leg brace for our 9 year old dog because he had a partially torn ACL. He took to the brace immediately and quickly found that it helped him. With the brace, his mobility is much better. It was worth every penny to see him get back up and running so quickly.
  • By M***n on 2023/10/24

    I am very excited to share my positive experience with Lovepluspet’s dog torn ACL brace. This brace has really helped me and my boy, Javez, with his recovery and mobility. Javez was a naughty boy who once went too far and tore his ACL. I was very worried about his health and recovery, so I decided to purchase Lovepluspet's Dog Torn ACL Brace. After using the brace, I noticed that Javez was able to walk and move more confidently, which reduced his discomfort. Lovepluspet’s dog torn ACL brace is also very comfortable and durable. It has a soft lining that keeps Javez comfortable while also effectively immobilizing the injured area. Their customer service was very friendly and willing to answer my questions and provide support. During the purchasing process, they gave me a lot of help and advice, which made me very satisfied.
  • By B***y on 2023/10/19

    Recently, I purchased a dog torn ACL brace for my Labrador puppy. Although he is still a little uncomfortable with it, this brace has allowed him to walk as usual and I am very pleased with that. This stand is well designed and of high quality. It is soft yet durable and can be used for a long time. At the same time, the stand is also adjustable to ensure the best fit and comfort. The dog torn ACL brace is an important therapeutic tool for my dogs. Although he is still in the process of adapting, I believe it will help with his recovery and recovery.
  • By B***t on 2023/10/9

    I purchased this dog torn acl brace for dogs and it is very helpful for my dog when he is active. I was pleased to see the extra support and stability it provided, allowing my dog to move freely without worrying about joints. This knee brace has really reduced my dog’s pain and discomfort. Before, it always showed signs of discomfort when walking or jumping, but since using this knee brace, things have improved significantly. It can walk, run and play freely without having to worry about joint distortion or instability. Overall, this dog double leg hinged knee brace is a really great product. It provides support and protection and gives my dog back the ability to move freely. I would really recommend this knee brace to other dogs with joint issues, it will significantly improve their quality of life.
  • By ***g on 2023/10/8

    One of our dog came back to us because he had an injury to his right hind leg and his owner was not fixing the problem. Additionally, he was underweight, had very little muscle, his coat was in terrible condition, and he was hypothyroid. Our veterinarians want him to be strong and healthy before surgically repairing his leg. We purchased these braces, one for each leg, because once the bad leg is repaired, the same injury often occurs in the good leg. This stand works really well. It did take the boy a little time to get used to it, but once he did, he was able to run, play, and build muscle and strength. Braces are a godsend.
  • By K***m on 2023/9/22

    I have a pit bull and it's hard to find anything that fits him - raincoats, t-shirts, carriers, etc. He recently tore his posterior cruciate ligament and has been limping around ever since. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find something to support his legs, but nothing off the shelf fit him. We found and purchased a few braces, but none of them fit him. Until I found this brace from lovepluspet, I could have sworn that my dog's knee miraculously healed when I put it on him. He started walking around as if the pain was no longer there. If you really love your pet, I highly recommend it. Oh, and their customer service is great too!

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