Dog Hip Brace for Hind Leg

Training for correction,Helps to prevent and treat dog crossed legs

$59.00 $69.00
  • Auxiliary recovery products designed for dogs with hip dysplasia can prevent and improve hip dysplasia.
  • It is appropriate for the stage of adjuvant therapy following the start of hip dysplasia.
  • It has a long lifespan and a soft, pleasant fit thanks to the durable sandwich mesh construction.
  • It is suitable for adjusting the range of motion and reducing the pain of the hip joint caused by exercise during the auxiliary treatment stage after the onset of hip dysplasia.
  • It also has a certain protective effect on the postoperative recovery of dogs with severe illnesses that require surgical treatment and correction.


Introducing Lovepluspet - Dog Hip Brace for Hind Leg

Lovepluspet dog hip dysplasia brace orthotic straps can help with alignment problems and are excellent for regular use. Long-lasting use is ensured by the design's ability to tolerate wear and tear. These knee pads are ideal for dogs of all sizes and have an easy-to-use fastening strap mechanism.

Suitable conditions

  • Training for correction
  • Helps to prevent and treat dog crossed legs
  • Hip movement pain relief
  • In line with the hip dysplasia therapy stage


  • Diving cloth composite hook and loop cloth
  • Sandwich Network
  • Flat cloth edge strip
  • Thick elastic band
  • Strong Velcro

What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia?

1. The dog does not like to exercise, prefers to lie down or lie down, and is particularly resistant to going up and down stairs.
2. When the dog wants to stand, the body will tremble and feel pain.
3. The dog's buttocks twist very seriously when walking, and the walking is not very coordinated.
4. The dog's walking and running movements are abnormal and often become triangle jumps or bunny jumps.
5. When the dog's joints are examined, there will be severe pain and the dog will make a sound.

More details

  • Abnormal postural adjustment, patellar defense, and skeletal and muscular correction in dogs are crucial aspects addressed by the hip brace for dogs with hip dysplasia. This specialized device is designed to alleviate pressure and stiffness in the hind legs, aiming to both prevent and manage canine hind leg crosses effectively
  • The Crossover Aid is a training aid for animals who cross their hind legs and can be modified to fit the breadth of your pet's legs. The orthotic training device retrains your dog to walk properly by allowing them to roam freely while maintaining their hind legs apart.
  • Leg braces for dogs with hip dysplasia are specifically tailored for the treatment phase of this condition. These braces are adept at modifying the range of motion in the hip joint, thereby mitigating the discomfort arising from canine activities. They boast specialized features geared towards both protection and correction, while also aiding in the rehabilitation process.


  • An aid to recovery created for canines with joint dysplasia.
  • To lessen the discomfort exercise causes in the joints, the range of motion can be altered.
  • This dog knee pad is incredibly strong and long-lasting.
  • The dog knee pads are incredibly breathable, which might make them comfortable for your dog to wear. This dog knee pad enhances posture, eases hip pain, and facilitates easier movement for your dog.
  • You may use the dog knee pads with confidence because they are made with buckles and fastening straps and won't come off easy.
  • When seeking the best hip support brace for dogs, it's crucial to consider its role in aiding surgical treatments or corrections. These braces play a pivotal role in safeguarding and facilitating the recovery process post-operation.

Size measurement 

  • The circumference of your dog's waist must be measured.
  • Please take a horizontal measurement of the dog's leg circumference at the dog's middle thigh.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email:


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  • Name

    Dog Hip Brace for Hind Leg

  • Applicable Symptoms

    Training for correction,Helps to prevent and treat dog crossed legs

  • Breeds

    Medium Large Dogs

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    Hand Wash Recommended

7 Reviews
7 Customer Reviews
  • By L***y on 2024/6/15

    My dog ​​has hip arthritis and recently his legs started to swing outward uncontrollably, so I had to buy this for him. Using this brace seems to limit the amount of swinging out of his legs. Hope it helps.
  • By R***g on 2024/5/28

    The size is very suitable, the support is very useful, and the dog's hip problem has been significantly alleviated. After wearing it, the dog walks much more steadily.
  • By L***n on 2024/5/3

    My 12 year old German Shepherd’s hind quarters are weak and very unstable. His back legs would cross and he had a very hard time getting up. His hind quarters would come crashing down on the floor and I would have to help him up. I bought this brace to see if it would help and it delivered! He is so much more stable and doesn’t fall. He gets up better and he is so much more mobile. He didn’t mind it at all when I put it on him, he knew instantly that it was helping him. I highly recommend this brace plus it was the cheapest option.
  • By p***h on 2024/3/19

    We were really pleasantly surprised with this dog hip knee brace! Its design is simple and practical, and it perfectly solves our dog's hip problem. The quality is reliable and the comfort is top-notch, fully meeting our expectations.
  • By P***h on 2024/3/11

    I am so happy with how this hip brace turned out! My dog has been having hip discomfort before, but this brace really solved my problem. It is designed to fit the dog's body and relieve the trouble caused by arthritis. I would recommend this brace to any dog owner!
  • By A***a on 2023/10/7

    Great! Elderly Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia sometimes has trouble with his hind legs when going up the 3 steps into the house. This was a godsend.
  • By J***z on 2023/8/28

    My dog has hip dysplasia since he was a child, and his walking posture has become more and more serious recently. It is very difficult for him to walk, and his walking posture is very strange. I ordered this dog hip brace online for him and luckily it works, it helps correct my dog's gait and provides some support, it's really great , thanks to this brace, it solved the problem I had been worrying about. Thanks again.

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