Mid-Body Support Sling for Large dogs

Arthritis,Rehabilitation,Injured,Surgery,Disabled Dog

  • LOVEPLUSPET Mid-Body Support Sling for Large dogs could be used for arthritic hips, DM, spinal stroke.
  • Specially designed for large dogs.
  • Wider and more comfortable handheld is easy and convenient to use.
  • Soft lineage provide comfortable experience for your dogs.


Introducing Lovepluspet - Mid-Body Support Sling for Large dogs
The LOVEPLUSPET Mid-Body Support Sling for Large dogs easy use to help lifting your pet's hind legs which makes it perfect to support dogs with arthritic hips, DM, spinal stroke and those recovering from ACL/CCL surgery. Inner lineage is soft canvas fabric provide comfortable wearing.

Suitable condition

  • Degenerative myelopathy (DM)
  • Difficulty moving legs
  • Injury recovery
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Mobility issues caused by arthritis
  • Mobility issues caused by ACL tears


  • Oxford fabric
  • EVA inner lining
  • Adjustable velcro

Free Exchange of Unfit Size after Donation.

Size measurement 

  • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email: service@lovepluspet.com


Never suspend a dog in the air with support harness; it is meant for supporting, not lifting!


  • Brand


  • Product No.


  • Name

    Mid-Body Support Sling for Large dogs

  • Size


  • Condition

    Degenerative myelopathy (DM) Difficulty moving legs Injury recovery Post-surgical recovery, Arthritis, ACL tears

  • Breed

    Large Dogs

  • Material

    Oxford fabric, EVA inner lining, Adjustable velcro

  • Color

    Black, Red, Green camouflage, Blue camouflage

  • Clean & care

    Hand Wash Recommended

7 Reviews
7 Customer Reviews
  • By R***e on 2022/10/16

    This has helped me so much!
    I’m quite small, and my dog is 40+ pounds. We live on the 2nd story, my dog tore her ACL, and carrying her up and down the stairs was a sudden must. Despite the fact I’m a fairly weak person, I’m able to pick her up and put her back down relatively easily with this sling.

    I wanted to use the product for several months to test the durability, and so far all has gone super well. It took multiple tries of adjusting the straps, but eventually I found a comfortable and sturdy configuration. I feel like I maintain a lot of control when carrying her in it, which is nice.

    I can’t tell how comfortable it is particularly, but she tolerates it super well and never seems specifically uncomfortable. Works incredibly well for shorter distances, though I don’t know that I’d recommend taking your dog on a hike with it lol

    All in all, I’m incredibly happy with this product and it has given me the ability to be able to walk my girl, safely for everyone!
  • By D***r on 2022/10/16

    Worked great!
    Our corgi was having some deficit in his hind legs and the Vet recommended restricted activity, no jumping and no stairs. We used this when we went on vacation to carry him up and down stairs. He seemed very comfortable - didn't mind be carried at all! Worked Great!
  • By C***k on 2022/10/16

    Such a lifesaver!
    My dog is around 16yrs old, almost blind and too weak in her hind legs to make it safely up or down the stairs on her own. She recently developed a skin condition that requires twice weekly baths. I’m in a townhome and the only bathtub is upstairs. I’ve got my own mobility issues with a bad hip so carrying her upstairs was impossible. Until I found this sling. It’s super durable and comfortable for her. After an initial struggle when I lifted her over my shoulder, she relaxed quickly, feeling secure. I’m so relieved to have found a safe and easy solution to bath time.
  • By R***h on 2022/7/12

    Thank you for making this!!
    This is PERFECT! It’s exactly what I needed to carry my 14 yr old 75 lb dog up and down the stairs in my raised ranch. It broke my heart to keep her downstairs all of the time, but it was the only way to let her outside. Now I can bring her up and down with me. It’s makes it so much easier! She’s comfortable and I’m happy!!
  • By C***1 on 2022/7/12

    Lifesaver for transporting my senior dog
    My 70lb dog is 13 years old and has lost the use of her hind legs over the past few weeks. I live in the upper level of a duplex, so getting her up and down the stairs is a big challenge. I am so happy with my purchase of this product, as it's made transporting her much easier and safer for both of us.
  • By E***h on 2022/6/5

    Works perfectly
    I use this to lift my 9 yo dog to my car because she is big and hurts her back when someone lifts her. This works perfectly as it gives all the support she needs without any signs of discomfort or pain or anything afterwards.
  • By b***z on 2022/7/26

    Our Chow had surgery and simply could not get moving afterwards (she really took her meds to heart - surgeon called her a cheap date, LOL) so we had to figure out a way to get her 70 lbs of flaccid dog out and in the house, among other things. This was/is a lifesaver with a 70 lb dog to pick up and move about. No regrets.

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