Why Choose a Dog Brace to Get Your Pet Moving Again

May 26, 2023 57 0
Dog Braces: Why Choose a Brace to Get Your Pet Moving Again | Lovepluspet

By nature dogs are active, when they injure their legs or paws it can really impact their quality of life. Dog braces are designed to provide dogs leg joint support to prevent further joint stress, reinjury, and minimize the pain.

What are dog leg braces?

Dog leg braces help to support and stabilise an injured dog's leg joint. Different leg braces are utilised depending on the joint location and type of joint injury caused by the dog. Sprains, strains, and ligament tears can be quite painful for your dog. Bracing the dog's leg injury relieves pain and may allow the pup to bear weight on the wounded limb. They can alleviate arthritis pain and even improve a dog's range of motion.

Dog Brace Benefits

There are many advantages to bracing a dog’s leg, some of the reasons a pet may need a leg brace include:

  • Keeping the limb in a normal walking position
  • Continued weight bearing on an injured or instable leg
  • Additional support to a leg fracture or injury
  • Prevent knuckling or dragging of feet
  • Promote healing and provide additional stability an injured joint
  • Rehabilitative use or as an alternative to surgery
  • Post-surgical support

The Different Types of Dog Braces

Most pet’s adapt quickly the the support of a brace. The increased joint stabilization reduces pain and makes it easier for a dog to bear weight on their injured limb. Here are some of the most common types of leg support and dog braces:

Dog Knee Support Brace

Dog Double Elbow & Shoulder Brace