Dog Double Elbow & Shoulder Brace

Elbow Hygroma, Dysplasia, Arthritis, Shoulder Dislocation

$69.00 $99.00
  • LOVEPLUSPET Dog Double Shoulder Brace is designed for elbow arthritis, dysplasia...
  • Soft and durable material bring the comfortable wearing.
  • Design to Dog's elbow for a snug fit.
  • Using in several scenarios


Introducing Lovepluspet - Dog Double Elbow & Shoulder Brace

LOVEPLUSPET Dog Double Shoulder Brace could use in many situation, like elbow calluses, pressure sores, shoulder dislocation and so on. It mainly works on the shoulder to provide support. The elastic strap and snug-fit design provides flexibility and plenty of freedom of movement. Left and right leg sign, simple and easy to wear.

Suitable conditions

  • Elbow arthritis
  • Hygroma
  • Dysplasia
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Elbow calluses
  • Pressure sores
  • Elbow wound healing


  • 4mm soft, perforated Neoprene
  • Nylon lining
  • Upgrade strong sticky Velcro


  • Please remove the brace 2-3 times a day and let the skin breathe
  • Remove the brace if you keep your dog in a cage or leave them unattended
  • Remove the brace to let the wound breathe while resting at night

Size measurement 

  • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email:


  • Allow up to two weeks for your pet to fully accept the brace
  • Wear the brace for 30 minutes a day, increasing 30 minutes each day after, for up to 12 hours
  • Consult your veterinarian for specific instructions on when to wear your brace


  • Brand


  • Product No.


  • Name

    Dog Double Shoulder Brace

  • Condition

    Elbow arthritis, Hygroma, Dysplasia, Shoulder dislocation, Elbow calluses, Pressure sores, Elbow wound healing

  • Breed

    Small,Medium,Large Dogs

  • Material

    4mm soft, perforated Neoprene, Nylon lining, Upgrade strong sticky Velcro

  • Body Part

    Shoulder/ Elbow

  • Color


  • Clean & Care

    Hand Wash Recommended

23 Reviews
23 Customer Reviews
  • By L***o on 2023/12/1

    This has been so wonderful for our dog who uses her elbows to get off the ground! No more chafing and she doesn’t seem to mind having it on. Wish I had taken a before and after of her elbows what a difference!!! Also their size chart I felt was accurate.
  • By T***n on 2023/11/11

    Works just as it should, sizing was great. It can provide the support the dog's elbow needs. The customer service is also very patient and will teach you how to choose the size. Would recommend if your needed one of these for your dog.
  • By ***r on 2023/10/7

    I was debating getting this or an option 1/2 the cost. Very glad I opted to get this. Good quality and my old man doesn’t mess with it so it’s been durable. For size reference, my dog is about 50lbs, medium sized Australian Cattle Dog (heeler).It protected the wound (with gauze underneath to prevent friction), stayed in place, and she got used to it quickly. If handled with care it can be kept together on and off every day for 3 weeks and still look like new. highly recommended.
  • By N***m on 2023/9/14

    So far do good but I must say, the company has gone "Over and Above!" They contacted my to see how things are working out and now they are helping me with my dogs left rear leg. Highly recommend.
  • By c***u on 2023/8/13

    Thank you for offering this product! Our 15 year old Vizsla has slack shoulders. Paid $3,000 for X-rays and MRIs, no answers. Spent $200 on an orthopedic vet suggested product and our dog couldn't walk in it. Other products look like this, but are only for wound protection. This product is simple and effective! ! ! ! Wear it every day. We tried sizes medium and large, but the medium was too restrictive for tall dogs. He dropped the first one, which is understandable since he wears it every day. And the service attitude is really super, so worth it! ! !
  • By L***K on 2023/8/4

    Have been using this for several weeks, no problems. Our 10 year old Golden is on restricted walks for a shoulder injury. Can’t really tell if it is helping him as he tends to hold the leg up, rather than put pressure on it. I had read reviews about the quality, bit it seems to be top quality, very good velcro fasteners. Added bonus: great to hold ice pack in place when he’s resting!
  • By T***r on 2023/6/21

    Our 10 year old Golden Retriever had a large lump on her front right leg at the elbow. After surgery, we were relieved to find out it was not cancer but a hygroma. I had looked at the lovepluspet elbow brace as an alternative to the cone and it turned out to be a perfect buy. Our dog tried to use its hind leg to scratch the wound (quickly caught and stopped) which the Cone would not stop. Using the Elbow brace worked perfectly; it protected the wound (gauze underneath to prevent rubbing), stayed in place and she quickly got used to it. Highly recommended.
  • By B***T on 2023/3/21

    One of our puppies from our 2018 litter came back to us, as he had injured his right rear leg and his owner didn't take care of the problem. Additionally, he was underweight, had very little muscle, coat in horrible condition and he was hypothyroid. Before having his leg surgically repaired, our Vet wanted him strong and healthy. We purchased these braces, one for each leg, as oftentimes the same injury occurs in the good leg, once the bad leg is fixed. This brace has worked very well. It did take this boy a bit to get used to it, but once he did, he was able to run, play, develop muscle and strength. The braces have been a godsend.
  • By ***z on 2023/3/18

    My dog is named Lulu. He was injured in an accident and couldn't walk normally. When he was limping, he couldn't play well with me. After seeing this brace, I immediately bought it for him. He was very happy when I put it on him just now, and he was able to walk normally and play with me.
  • By M***l on 2023/1/15

    The brace was exactly what we ordered and needed. Customer service was very helpful when we needed assistance. I would buy from them again.

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