Do CCL Braces for Dogs Work?

Jun 06, 2023 45 0
Do CCL braces for dogs work?| Lovepluspet

The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is necessary to stabilize the stifle joint in dogs; however, its rupture is one of the most common causes of hind limb lameness and the most common stifle joint diseases in dogs.

Dog Knee Braces As Preventative Care After Strains, Sprains

When it comes to dog knee injuries, they abide on a spectrum from mild strains, micro tears, to full ruptures. When your dog experiences a knee injury, the first course of action is to ascertain the degree of injury. This will help you set up an action plan. 

The CCL braces for dogs is to stabilise the knee by restricting flexion and extension so that scar tissue may heal the tear by forming a callus over it. Orthopaedic braces can hasten your dog's return to active playtime without pain.

Dog Knee Braces As An Additional Tool To Post Operative Care

During particular stages of postoperative care, dog knee braces are also very good. The post-operative care guidelines are essential to your dog's rehabilitation if you decide to have knee surgery for your dog.

You may wish to have your dog fitted for the knee brace as soon as you start taking your dog for walks after surgery and the sutures have been removed (the brace can cause unwelcome humidity buildup that may lead to infection in the stitches). During these crucial months after surgery, the knee brace might be useful in reducing your dog's knee's motion. This will assist prevent re-injury.

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