Dog Front Leg No-Knuckling Training Sock

Cervical Vertebral Instability CVI , Wobblers Syndrome, Cervical Disc Disease

  • Provides training support for dogs that drag their front paws.
  • Stimulating between the dog's toes induces the flinch reflex and causes him/her to lift the foot higher.
  • Ideal for recovery from spinal surgery or for pets with disc disease.
  • Very breathable, comfortable and adjustable with easy touch fasteners.
  • Training socks are best for walking your pet for two to five minutes throughout the day, then taking them off in between.


Introducing Lovepluspet - Dog Front Leg No-Knuckling Training Sock

Lovepluspet--No knuckling training sockis a temporary training/exercise tool designed only for short term use. Helps to encourage pets to pick up their feet when knuckling under or dragging their front paws. Provides training support for pets who drag their front paws due to injury, disease, or front leg weakness.

Suitable conditions

  • Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE/Stroke) ,
  • Cervical Vertebral Instability CVI ,
  • Wobblers Syndrome,
  • Cervical Disc Disease,
  • Neurological disorders causing front paw knuckling and dragging


  • Spacer mesh material
  • Nylon
  • Fully adjustable velcro

Size Measurement Method

Measure from top of paw to middle of carpal joint on your pet. Ideally try to do this with your pet in a standing position.Choose the right no knuckling dog brace.

More details

  • Nerve problems cause abnormal sensation in the dog's feet or impaired motor function, leading to dragging paws when walking.Dog no knuckling training sock can stimulate the dog's foot nerves to achieve the effect of rehabilitation training.
  • The dog no knuckling training sock can promote your dog's muscle and nerve function by providing moderate pressure and support. This is great for rehabilitation and for relieving certain muscle or nerve problems.
  • Provides slight restraint to prevent your dog's toes from dragging on the ground. This helps reduce the occurrence of foot damage and other related problems.


  • We recommend you use this temporary training tool during multiple walks for two to five-minute intervals on one lower front leg at a time. Remove when training exercise is complete. Wearing during the beginning of your walk will have the best outcome.
  • Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
  • Apply sock to the affected limb and have patient walk slowly for two to five minutes. If deficits are bilateral, apply to only one leg at a time to begin. You may progress to longer walks or using on both front legs at the same time once the patient is ready for this increase.


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  • Name

    Dog Front Leg No-Knuckling Training Sock

  • Applicable Symptoms

    Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE/Stroke) , Cervical Vertebral Instability CVI , Wobblers Syndrome, Cervical Disc Disease,

  • Breeds

    Small Medium Large Dogs

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  • Clean & Care

    Hand Wash Recommended

2 Reviews
2 Customer Reviews
  • By J***e on 2024/1/17

    Our fur baby is limping on his front paws and his feet are droopy. Vet check-up for arthritis. Your veterinarian can try this and treat it with medication. It's easy to put on the leg and the straps look comfortable and adjustable. She didn't mind at all - let her wear it for about an hour while she did her thing and walked around the yard. Good construction, no problem cleaning it by hand washing. Will buy again
  • By R***Y on 2023/8/1

    My baby, hurt her toe some time ago, she was in pain because she couldn't use her feet like before, I ordered her this front leg no knuckling traaining sock for my baby, really nice product, Help our baby walk normally, she is so happy, she wants to walk! Moreover, the service attitude of the merchant is really good, and the answers to my questions are very timely, thank you very much for their help!

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