Dog Ankle Brace

Prevents Arthritis, Injuries,Sprains,Protects Wounds Heals

  • High quality nylon won't rub or pinch your dog's skin.
  • A reflective strip helps keep your furry friend clearly visible in dim light.
  • Bendable design allows the dog to sit with knees bent comfortably and conveniently.
  • Breathable and flexible dog leg brace fabric.
  • Veterinarian recommended, designed for arthritis and injuries of hock joints and ankles.


Introducing Lovepluspet - Dog Ankle Brace

As your dog ages, their joints naturally degenerate, and arthritis disease limits your dog's mobility. A neoprene compression brace, it can be used to help dogs heal from posterior hock joint injuries, relieve pain from surgery, and it can also be used as a preventive measure in older dogs who are at higher risk of injury. Provides stability and support to the rear hock joint without compromising flexibility. The design of the reflective strip is convenient for the dog to travel at night. Strong, soft and stretchy neoprene is comfortable to wear. The brace meets and exceeds the high expectations of certified veterinarians.

Suitable conditions

  • Hock joint injuries
  • Hock Surgery recovery
  • Hock arthritis
  • Hock deteriorate


  • High-quality soft nylon fabric
  • Strong sticky nylon Velcro
  • Conspicuous reflective strips

Free Exchange of Unfit Size after Donation.

Size measurement 

  • Please follow the Size Guide below the price, there has the complete statistics.
  • If you have any questions about the size, please contact us email:

Quick tips

  • When you wash the leg support for dogs, please hand wash and let it dry naturally.
  • If the wound is serious, simply wrap the wound with gauze and then wrap it with our dog leg guard to prevent licking and chewing the wound.
  • Allow up to two weeks for your pet to fully accept the brace
  • Wear the brace for 30 minutes a day, increasing 30 minutes each day after, for up to 12 hours
  • Consult your veterinarian for specific instructions on when to wear your brace
  • Remove the brace when your animal sleeps at night
  • Inspect your pet for signs of skin irritation. If any are present, contact your veterinarian
  • In addition to wiping the brace clean, keep skin and fur that comes into contact with the brace clean
  • Inspect your brace regularly for any damage


  • Brand


  • Product No.


  • Name

    Dog Ankle Brace

  • Condition

    Hock Joint Injuries, Hock Surgery Recovery, Hock Arthritis, Hock Deteriorate

  • Breed

    Small Medium Large Dogs

  • Material


  • Body Part

    Ankle(Hock), Back Leg

  • Color


  • Clean & Care

    Hand Wash Recommended

10 Reviews
10 Customer Reviews
  • By T***n on 2024/1/9

    They help stabilize my dog's legs so she can walk better. My dog is recovering from a torn ligament in his knee and needs extra support. I like the brace they offer (placed on the dog's back leg to prevent extra pressure on the uninjured leg) and it works great. Expensive surgery was not in my budget, but an affordable leg support brace combined with an effective joint support supplement seemed like a more affordable solution to help my sweet pup on the road to recovery. You must make sure the braces fit securely to avoid slipping, but not too tight to avoid discomfort. Please be sure to measure to get the correct size.
  • By C***n on 2024/1/1

    Great product. Fits well, good fit. Secure. Attached, our 13 year old. She was not able to walk but down the driveway without her rear legs giving out (weakness at the ankle/steifel). Day one, we saw an instant improvement. Day two, double. She actually wanted to run. Picture attached, she's resting after the first actual walk she has had in 6 weeks. She is even now trying to get on furniture! She is feeling the support, for sure. Wish I would have put these on her, sooner. Excellent brace.
  • By B***t on 2022/10/9

    Works for my old girl
    Took my girl about half a day to get used to these. They seem to help. Her gait is slightly better, and she seems to navigate stairs with more confidence. Had to cut the little tag for the inside that indicated the left and right, so I just used a sharpie to mark them. Very happy with this product. My 13y/o chihuahua is happy too.
  • By D***. on 2022/10/9

    Our dog changed in an hour!
    Lucy was near an ACL tear on her left leg and just put on anti inflammatory meds and within 30 min of her having these on we have our 5 year old back again like a puppy and not whimpering and limping in pain. A miracle. She still takes her cosequin and on a diet, so this is helping while she loses the weight and makes her more stable and sure of herself. Well done! We go back to the vet in 2 weeks to see if there is any weight lost.
  • By n***o on 2022/10/2

    Noticeable improvement
    These are offering a noticeable improvement for my dog’s sprained hock. She adapted to them after a few hours of dirty looks, but now seems comfortable with them on her legs. She has a sprain on one side, but we use both while she’s exercising, and after. Her favoring/limp after exercise had decreased within just a few days of use.
  • By A***. on 2022/8/3

    Work Great
    My elderly chihuahua mix had a displaced “knee cap” and had to take some pain meds for a couple of weeks. These braces really helped steady his walk as he recovered.
  • By A***y on 2022/7/18

    Helping with my pets mobility.
    My 7 year old Yorkie Elza was diagnosed with a luxating patella. We didn’t want her to have surgery for this so we purchased the leg brace instead. It has really helped her with getting traction to walk around the house. They are easy to put on and she is acting like her old self again. I recommend using the neo brace along with a mobility treat.
  • By L***n on 2022/7/17

    Easy to use hock holders
    These hock holders really helped our puppy when he sprained his hock joint. They are easy to put on and take off and offer the proper amount of support. We made sure to monitor our pup while he was wearing them to make sure they were fitted properly and to make sure he didn’t try to chew them off (he only tried to get them off the first time but not after he got used to them). Overall very satisfied with this product.
  • By A***. on 2022/7/11

    My poor old dog has been in a lot of pain and her overall quality of life has been declining. She has several health problems, but for mobility, her rear has been so sore and she's been having problems getting up, and being steady on those back legs.
    The braces arrived about an hour ago. She's got a great big smile on her face and seems so much more relaxed. She got up without any struggle to go get water. Then she walked over to my husband, smiling and looking so happy!
    I asked if she had to go out. She walked to the back door and when I opened the door, she RAN to the grass!!!! She hasn't run in well over a year! Her tail is up and she's making these happy snorkel noises that she makes.
    This literally was instant. I've worked with dogs all of my life. I have never seen a product work instantly like this. It really is a miracle.
    Oh - FYI - she was so unsteady on her feet that yesterday, she fell over into my pool and almost drowned. That's why I tried to find something to help her.
    Thank you so much!
  • By A***M on 2022/7/10

    Pleasantly surprised
    Took our 13yr old dog to the vet thinking she had hip issues due to her declining ability to go up/down the stairs in our house. Vet mentioned that her kness were popping in/out of place. Nothing serious or bad enough for immediate attention but something that was happening. I ended up finding these online and decided to give it a shot. It was a bit of an ordeal getting them on our dog but once they were on she was running around like she was a young dog again. I know that as she gets older these will become less effective but it's nice to see that these help her feel better while on walks/runs. After having them for a month or two she has gotten use to us putting them on/off of her and it's not that big of a deal anymore. We ended up buying a 2nd pair to have as a backup.

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