Dog Slow Feeder Bowls

Dog Slow Feeder Bowls

Just like humans, it’s not good for dogs to scarf down food. Not only will your dog not enjoy her food but it’s also not good for her digestion. Consider dog slow feeders for your furry friend. Slow feeders will require your dog to push the food out before she can eat it. This allows for healthy digestion, eliminating the risk of vomiting and gas. An interactive dog bowl option is the Outward Hound Fun Feeder. This dog slow feeder requires your pup to get her dog food out from the ridges and mazes that make up this dog food dish. If your furry friend doesn’t struggle with eating at a healthy pace, there are several options depending on her needs. PetRageous Designs carry stylish bowls to match your dog’s personality. The Vintage Food Pet Bowl is a fun but basic bowl that is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it easy to use. When it comes to a dog water bowl, PetRageous Designs have matching bowls to match your dog’s food dish. Whether you’re looking for a dog water bowl for home or one that you can take on the go, there is one that matches your needs. We carry collapsible dog travel bowls such as Petmate Silicone Round Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl is collapsible, rollable, stuffable, and packable, making it the perfect dog water bowl for adventures with your furry friend. Feeding time is important for bonding with your dog. Find the best food and water bowls for her on LOVEPLUSPET online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Bowls & Feeders

Should I get my dog a bowl or a feeder?

Whether you should get your dog a bowl or a feeder depends on his eating habits and your personal schedule. Dog bowls work well for many feeding situations, but dog feeders can help with specialized feeding needs. A dog slow feeder may help dogs who eat too quickly, and a timed feeder can deliver meals according to a preset schedule. Gravity feeders ensure your dog will always have a full bowl, while microchip feeders keep pets from stealing each other's food. You can use a WiFi feeder to trigger a feeding remotely or program it to feed you pup whenever you desire.

What are the best dog bowls and feeders?

The best dog bowl or feeder will depend on your dog's individual preferences and needs. Elevated dog bowls can help senior dogs who have trouble bending over, while large-capacity bowls work well for free-feeding and larger dogs. Choose a specialized dog feeder that schedules mealtimes if you'll be away, or pick one with a large reservoir that automatically refill when it's empty. Chewy carries dog bowls and feeders for dogs with all sorts of different needs, so check out all the product listings to find the best dog bowl or feeder for your pup!

How do you clean dog bowls and feeders?

Clean a dog bowl or feeder according to the directions on the package. Some bowls will be dishwasher safe, or you may need to wash them by hand. Many automatic feeders will have components that can be tossed in the dishwasher, but some pieces may need to be wiped down or washed by hand. Closely follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning to avoid damaging your dog bowl or feeder.