Dog Interactive Toys

Interactive Dog Toys

While boredom is annoying for humans, it can actually cause stress in pets. One of the most popular stressors for homebound hounds is idle time. Daily mental and physical stimulation is extremely important to your dog’s well-being. Interactive dog toys keep your dog active and help build a bond between you and your best friend. Interactive dog toys (also called enrichment dog toys) are created to provide a unique challenge for your dog. The best interactive dog toys include unique features that peak your pup’s interest like unusual sounds from dog squeeker toys, movements and contents. The unusual sounds created by interactive dog toys like squeakers, sound cards or crinkled plastic from dog crinkle toys stimulate and excite your pup’s mind. Interactive toys often inspire movement like toys that bounce, have dangling parts or consist of various textures. Durable chew toys can provide hours of entertainment while satisfying natural chewing instincts. Pups love toys that engage their inner hunters with squeaking sounds or those made for shaking and tugging. There are also many training toys you can try, such as retrieval toys for an epic game of fetch or floatable interactive toys. Dog treat toys and dog puzzle toys can help your dog stay sharp, alert and easier to train; providing immediate gratification during play. Dog toy puzzles test your dog’s memory and recall skills. Sensory dog toys stimulate your dog’s senses like touch and sound. Indestructible dog toys provide pups with the ultimate challenge during extended play time. Interactive toys for dogs are truly rewarding because they help build canine confidence and work well as training aids. Dog electronic toys are stimulating dog toys offer pet parents new and innovative ways to get their pups active and exercising, no matter the time of day. LOVEPLUSPET features the best interactive dog toys on the market. Outward Hound makes a variety of puppy puzzles perfect for interactive play. Shop these toys and more on LOVEPLUSPET.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Interactive Dog Toys

What are interactive dog toys?

Interactive dog toys are toys that engage your dog mentally and physically through various means. Interactive toys include treat toys, puzzle toys, hide and seek toys, responsive toys and high-tech toys that let you play with your pup remotely. They up the ante on play by providing rewards for problem solving behavior, or by reacting to different actions by your pup. Interactive toys that are controlled from afar can be especially engaging and will always keep your dog guessing.

What are the best interactive dog toys?

The best interactive toys will keep your dog interested, curious and happily entertained for hours. Treat toys and puzzle toys that dispense treats tend to get dogs highly motivated during play, while hide and seek toys encourage similar problem-solving behaviors for a reward. Responsive toys react with sound, light or motion, sparking his curiosity and interest. Automated or remotely controlled toys are another great way to pique your dog’s interest and keep him highly engaged in play.