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Who says dogs don't need accessories? Well, even if you think they don’t necessarily need dog apparel accessories, you have to admit that dogs look pretty spiffy with a handkerchief tied around their necks. They also make great props for family photo shoots and come in handy when there’s a special occasion to get dressed up for. As you shop for your usual pet supplies, you’re sure to come across some doggie accessories that would look pretty smart on your pooch. After all, there's no harm in looking!

Give your canine his own personal sense of style with dog accessories. At LOVEPLUSPET, you’ll find stylish dog clothes and the perfect accessories to complete any look for any occasion. Even if your canine companion isn’t a fan of dressing up, there are comfortable, easy-to-wear accessories. Whether it’s dog costumes for a themed party, formal wear for special occasions or pajamas for cold winter nights, we have you and your pup covered.

Don't know where to start? Dog hats are easy for dogs to wear and complete any outfit. At, you will find everything from a dog birthday hat to dog winter hats.

When the holidays come around, you can't beat this adorable TAIL UP Hat.

Keep your canine warm with dog winter hats like the dog hat and dog jackets

Protect your canine when you go out for a walk with dog outdoor gear like dog boots made to protect your pup’s paws from ice and snow. Keep your dog from sliding around the house and causing damage with cozy dog socks. Clothing doesn’t always have to be functional. Dogs enjoy dressing up too. Dress your dog up with dog bandanas for casual events and dog bow ties for formal events. To keep your dog warm in the winter there are hoodies, sweaters and puffer jackets. No matter the occasion, LOVEPLUSPET online pet store has you covered with stylish trends for your four-legged friend. Shop our favorite looks now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Fashion Accessories

Will my dog wear accessories?

Your dog will probably wear accessories, just be sure to choose comfortable ones and introduce them gradually at first. Many dogs will happily wear a bandanna or novelty bow tie collar, and some are happy to sport jaunty headwear for special occasions, as well. Most backpacks are designed to fit like a harness, so dogs will usually take to them easily, but socks and shoes for dogs often take some getting used to. Remember to go slowly and reward your dog when you introduce new accessories, and monitor him closely for any signs of discontent or distress.

What kind of fashion accessories should I get my dog?

You should get your dog accessories that serve a purpose or fun fashion accessories that delight everyone who sees them. Accessories like socks, boots and shoes can provide warmth, traction and protection from hot and cold surfaces, while dog backpacks can be used to carry your best friend's essentials on longer walks and hikes. Fashion accessories like bandanas, hats and bow ties are a great way to highlight your dog's fun personality, and your dog will love the added attention he gets!

What are the best accessories for dogs?

The best fashion accessories for dogs are those you love and that your best friend enjoys wearing. Choose from cute canine accessories like bandanas, bow ties and hats for every occasion. Or try utilitarian accessories like backpacks, socks, boots and shoes. Chewy has a great selection of fashion accessories for dogs of all sizes, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect accoutrements for your pup!