Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Treat your cuddly companion to the best dog collars from the experts in pet care. At LOVEPLUSPET, you can shop a wide variety of collars for dogs made from quality materials from brands like DOGLEMI dog collars, QQPETS dog collars and TAIL UP dog collars. The dog collars and dog leashes you purchase from LOVEPLUSPET keep your pup stylish, comfortable and safe. With our vast selection of designer, break away dog collars and snap dog collars, you can pick the perfect accessory for your pet based on his needs and style preference.

With the right dog collar, you can master leash training your pup and make the most of your daily walks. When choosing the best dog collars for your dog, take breed and behavior into consideration. Playful pups are full of energy and eager to get outdoors. Starting leash training early is important. The right collar and leash combo or a dog harness can make leash training easier on you and your cuddly companion. An adjustable collar will grow along with your pup, eliminating the need for multiple replacements. PetSafe dog collars have an added quick-release snap buckle, making it easy to get off and on between doggie adventures. Unlike dog choke chains or prong dog collars, martingale dog collars safely tighten when your dog pulls and loosen when he stops. Greater control reduces the risk of your dog slipping from his color and into danger.

Make night walks safer with LED safety collars for dogs. LOVEPLUSPET dog collars are a series of LED safety collars and necklaces to help your dog light up the night for a safer way to exercise at night. The super-efficient LED lights keep your dog visible to you, others and cars during early morning or late night walks. Shop for personalized dog collars for your precious pet at LOVEPLUSPET's online pet store where you find the best dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Collars

Are collars safe for dogs?

Collars are safe for dogs, but you need to make sure you get a good fit, a comfortable style and that you don’t leave them on for too long. Monitor your pup closely for signs of discomfort or skin irritation and be sure not to put a collar on too tightly or too loosely. You should be able to fit two fingers under the collar, but it shouldn’t be so loose that it can slip off during walks.

What are the best dog collars?

The best dog collars will be adjustable, have clips for tags and leashes, fit comfortably and reflect your dog’s special personality. Choose one of the standard collars available for normal walks and daily use, or try a slip or martingale style for training and unfamiliar situations.

What size dog collar should I get?

Get a dog collar in a size that fits securely but not too tightly around your pup’s neck. Check the size charts listed and always measure for the perfect fit. Most collars are adjustable, and you can find everything from very small dog collars for toy breeds to neckwear for the biggest good boys.