Cat Toys

Cat Toys

Cats love to play, but did you know that playtime is also a critical activity for both kittens and adult cats? Help your adorable cat have fun with the best scratch boards and cat toys available from DOGLEMI online pet store. Here, you will find the best cat toys to suit every cat personality. For agenda driven active cats, toys provide much-needed physical release. Having this personality means your cat loves to hunt, jump and run. If your feline friends fit that description, they probably prefer playtime that includes cat balls, cat fur sticks, and cat sticks and romantic toys. Cat balls and chase toys allow cats to flap, chase and pounce -- all of which are their favorite activities. Caring and intelligent cats need the mental stimulation of interactive cat toys, such as cat puzzles and cat tunnels. DOGLEMI offers the best interactive cat toys, such as DOGLEMI Classic Cat Tickle Stick, DOGLEMI Cat Tunnel, DOGLEMI Cat Interactive Toys and more

Cat laser toys are popular with cats who like interactive games. Pet parents simply point the laser at the floor or wall and watch your cat chase and try to catch elusive prey. Laser Cat toys are a great way to stimulate a physical and mental workout. Playful cats can accept some teasing from flirty cat toys, while sweet and affectionate cats will almost always seek comfort from mouse-cat toys. The Mousecat toy is a plush cat toy perfect for cute and affectionate kittens. Teaser toys usually consist of a stick and an object suspended from a string. The best teaser toys are made with bright colors or sound effects to help attract curious cats. The teaser toy allows you to lift the object of your desire over the cat, where the cat can jump. Also, cat Tunnel, cat chew toys and Catnip toys are playtime favorites that your cat will enjoy because they all bring new things. While your cat's imagination can turn anything into a toy, cat toys will add extra excitement and fun to your kitten's playtime. Buy cat toys online now at DOGLEMI's online cat store, and be sure to buy other favorite cat supplies, such as a much-needed new litter box or cat carrier. For extra cat toy deals, visit our DOGLEMI promo codes and Coupons page and start saving now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Toys

What toys do cats like best?

The toys cats like best will vary from cat to cat, but toys cats can bat and chase and string-type teaser toys are very popular with felines. Many cat toys will have added catnip to ramp up excitement during play, and some may have bells or crinkle paper for added audio stimulation. Laser pointers tend to be very favored by cats, but simple toys like balls or mice are perennial favorites, as well. Experiment with different types and see which ones your kitty likes best!

Do all cat toys have catnip?

Not all cat toys have catnip, so read the package carefully if you want one with catnip or are looking to avoid it. Some cats really enjoy toys with catnip, while others do not seem particularly fond of it. Try both types and see which one your cat prefers.

How do you clean cat toys?

You should wash your cat’s toys in mild soap and water whenever possible, or at least spot clean them periodically if they are not immersible. Hard plastic toys can usually be hand-washed, and some may even be dishwasher safe. Soft plush toys without catnip may be machine washable, or they may be safe to spot clean. Read the toy package for care instructions and be sure to inspect toys regularly for signs of loose parts or wear.